Great Western Railway's services are now faster than ever. How do we tell the public in a creative way?



Now that GWR trains are faster, pass-time activities like watching a movie on a long journey or catching up on the latest episode on your commute have become impossible tasks.


So, we’ve had to help you out. Sorry.

Using GWR live data, we would create reactive OOH ads that would change depending on the next train service about to leave.


For example, for a train about to leave for Portsmouth which takes 1 hour and 27 minutes, the ad would change to Finding Nemo which is 1 hour 40 minutes. Leaving 13 minutes are pure irritation.

We collaborate with streaming sites and create journey specific movie and TV show playlists, where the films fit inside the journey time. Plus, a select few special edition movies where we edit out all the boring bits, so you can fit all the good stuff into your journey.

Or, even more, we collaborate with streaming sites to create a skip ahead button that lets the user skip to the last five minutes, or end of the content if they are running low on time.

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