Hello. We’re a creative duo currently at Ogilvy UK. One half used to clean windows, recently discovered he’s 41% Greek and can’t produce insulin. The other half is colour-blind, a father to four dogs and can’t fully appreciate rainbows.


With a first in Media Production and an RTS nominee, the Greek (Chris) worked at post-production company Smoke & Mirrors before realising, why polish off someone else's work when you can be creating your own? After being offered his once dream role of Junior Producer, he made the decision to turn it down, packing it all in to wash windows and work on his portfolio.


The colour-blind (Sam) is a D&AD new blood winner with a Graphic Design degree from The Arts University Bournemouth. After graduating he jumped straight into a design job, which he hated. So, he left, met a height-hating window cleaner, started drinking coffee and made a slight detour into advertising.

Team awards:

DMA Gold Award 2019

Best use of email - Formula 1


DMA Gold Award 2019

Entertainment, Publishing & Gaming - Formula 1


DMA Silver Award 2019

Best Writing - Formula 1


Effie Europe Bronze Award 2019

Building fan relationships at speed - Formula 1


DMA Silver Award 2018

A Season of Stories at Speed - Formula 1

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chris.lawlor@ogilvy.com - Linkedin

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