Throughout 2020, the UK got creative with every aspect of lockdown life. Especially exercise. And surprisingly, beans played a big role in home workout routines.

But while a couple tins are good to get the “older” generation moving. Two 415g tins of beans just isn’t going to cut it for most diehard gymers. And with gyms STILL closed, how can we help the everyday gym goer to keep up their fitness levels at home?

We throw away the tiny 415kg tins and we make beans… bigger.


We create a limited edition collection of cans varying in weights, from the two-can equivalent (1kg) to the twenty-can mammoth (10kg).

We'll even create in-store displays using dumbbell style racks, as you’d see in a gym.

To accompany our cans, we create a series of online workout sessions for people put their new dumbbells to work.

Beans on toast? Nah. Let’s do more. Beans are high in protein, fiber and other nutrients, Ideal for any gym buff.


So, we’ll create a series of healthy online recipes specifically designed to help gymers. Whether that's muscle growth or weight loss. Beans can help.

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