This is a combination of ideas, thoughts, things that made us laugh, work that never happened and other stuff. Enjoy.


During our time at Ogilvy we made a short "Bad Lip Reading" parody. We turned the people of Ogilvy UK into our playthings. We filmed, wrote and voiced over our subjects, literally putting our words in their mouths. This was then transformed into a company wide Christmas film and was premiered at the annual Christmas meeting. Which surprisingly went down pretty well...


F1 TV is an online streaming service aiming to bring the fans closer to the sport than ever before. Our aim was to reflect this through a collection of online banners, social posts and digital ads. Overall, amplifying the action of the sport and bringing the viewer closer to Formula 1.


The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is the most powerful note device to date. Our brief was to create two social films to show how this new device can shine in different work environments and help a company develop and progress.


What is a result of eating this notoriously chewy sweet? Aside from the aching mouth pains, all that chewing not only creates wonders for the tastebuds but also your jawline.


To celebrate BA's centenary we wanted to thank to people of Britain. Every single on of them, for making us who we are. So, we created an Evening Standard wrap with our thank you message printed in every spoken language in the UK.


To celebrate gay pride, Kappa could change their male and female logo to have both same sex couples in the iconic position.


To show that, "When your with us. We're with you." British gas given out small and disposable charger packs of BG energy to give you and your phone that little bit of help when you need it the most.

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