As F1 began to wrap up the unprecidented 2020 season, we wanted to give something to the fans for roaring louder than ever... all from their homes.


So. We made F1 wrapping paper, with a hidden presents wrapped up inside and digitally delivered on Christmas morning.

Each wrapping paper design was created and crafted using iconic moments, scenes and aspects of the F1 world. From the starting lights to a shoey celebration.

As well as physical and digital wrapping paper, we also created print ads in the F1 Programme for fans to cut out and use to have the best looking present under the tree.

Combined with organic social posts on F1's platforms and an email campaign, the wrapping paper and gift giveaway landed really well with the F1 fan base.

Over 20K social media interactions and 100K downloads over the Christmas period.

┬ęsam and chris 2021