Wild tiger numbers have dropped by more than 95% since the beginning of the 20th century.


With only 3900 tigers left, Frosties are going to make it their duty to help out their fellow mascots' species by adopting every wild tiger on the planet.

Tony has vanished. We remove the famous tiger from all boxes of Frosties, without warning. We then create buzz and PR around Tony's sudden disappearance.

We takeover the Kellogg's social media, and create a stir online getting people to panic and question where Tony had gone.

During the hype, we hide QR codes inside every box. 3,900 of those codes will allow the lucky scanner to adopt a tiger for free. The other codes allow them to make a free donation to WWF tiger preservation, all on behalf of Frosties.

Once all 3900 tiger adoption codes have been claimed, Tony will return back on boxes, on shelves across the country.

We could even branch out and partner with other popular brands that use characters of endangered animals and create limited edition products with the animals removed.

┬ęsam and chris 2020